Off Road Caravans & Campers

Australian Made Off Road Caravans and Campers

You can explore more of Australia in comfort with Avan and Golf caravans and campers.  For the more adventurous caravan enthusiast buying a more off road capable caravan or camper can be the perfect choice for you.  Off road prepared caravans allow you to explore those harder to reach camping spots and allow you to be more self sufficient for longer, giving you access to more remote tourist locations. 

Avan & Golf Off Road Caravans & Campers

The Avan adventure plus and Golf Savannah range have been designed for our more adventurous customers and better suit Australia’s rough conditions compared with a standard caravan or camper. You can travel with confidence knowing that these caravans are built using the latest build and suspension technology to provide extra strength and durability without sacrificing towing capacity.

  • Avan Cruiseliner Adventure Plus Camper – Enjoy the popular layouts and comfort of the Cruiseliner camper but with more rugged features and greater ground clearance to suit the more adventurous.
  • Golf Savannah Caravans – Packed with Golf’s adventurous features to allow you to enjoy more of Australia.
  • Golf Savannah Maxxi Caravans – Designed to comfortably sleep up to 6 people while still incorporating the more adventurous features of the Golf Savannah.

Upgrade to see more of Australia

All of our caravans and campers can be upgraded to suit more adventurous specifications.  Depending on your budget and how adventurous you would like to be, we can build your caravan to different specifications; such as higher ground clearance, bigger chassis or sophisticated suspension set ups such as ALKO’s Enduro suspension.

Before you purchase an off road caravan make sure you consider the Avan and Golf range of adventure caravans.  Our caravans are light, strong and extremely good value for money.

 *NOTE: Extra care must be taken on unsealed roads as damage caused by negligence, potholes or corrugations is not covered under our two year warranty.

Off Road Caravans & Campers