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Golf Caravans

Golf build Australian made caravans suitable for adventure, with the ultimate combination of rugged exteriors and stylish designs.

Caravans designed for the adventurer

GOLF has a strong tradition of building high quality caravans that are designed for the rugged Australian conditions. The Golf Savannah series is suited to those who like to take their caravan off road, but still like a touch of luxury when camping. These Golf's come in both poptop and hardtop and are built using smooth panel construction. This smooth panel construction gives the van strength but without the weight, which means better fuel economy for you! The Golf Savannah's independent coil suspension and hot dipped galvanised chassis provides additional strength and durability, giving you peace of mind when travelling.


The Golf Maxxi range is our popular foldout style caravan that boasts smart and spacious layouts.
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The Golf Tourer caravans are our impressive selection of lightweight adventure caravans.
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Golf Savannah Poptop and Hardtop Caravans are designed for the adventurer.
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Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.
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