Safe Towing Course

Safe Towing Course

Tow your caravan safely and confidently with a safe towing course

towing course

Towing a caravan or camper can be challenging and to ensure you tow safely and with confidence it’s important to learn a few basic skills.

If this is your first time hitting the road with your new caravan or camper then you may be feeling a little nervous and apprehensive. Attending a towing course can give you the confidence and skills needed to tow your new RV safely.

We recommend completing a towing course with Tow-Ed, the experts in safe towing.  Tow-Ed courses are designed to build your confidence and skills with lots of practice in a friendly and supportive environment. 


The towing course we recommend completing is a safe towing course from Tow-Ed. Tow-Ed’s one-day course can build your towing skills and confidence, allowing you to get the best from your car and caravan.  Their course covers:

  • Safety & maintenance checks
  • Legal obligations of towing
  • Trailer dimensions
  • Loads and loading
  • Types of hitches
  • Driving and manoeuvring techniques
  • Braking techniques
  • Reversing
  • Carry out vehicle and caravan/camper pre & post trip inspections

If you are new to towing or need a little refresher, the Caravan Industry Association has put together a free towing guide to help keep you safe and aware on the roads. 

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