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How To Rent Out Your Motorhome and Earn Extra Money

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Renting out your motorhome is a great way to earn some extra income.  Already own your RV or looking to buy one for the first time, then renting it out can help cover the costs of your investment. 

Motorhomes are the ideal way to explore this beautiful country, with the freedom and convenience to travel at your own pace, whilst still enjoying your home comforts. In my opinion, RV trips are the only way to see Australia! Aussies love to take road trips and now more than ever local holidays are on the rise. So there is definitely a demand for rentals.

1. How does renting out your motorhome work?

Renting out your mobile home is made easier with well established companies like Camplify and Camptoo. There are many trusted sites available and these sharing platforms offer an easier and safer way to manage your rentals.  To get up to speed, we recommend calling each one to discuss their guidelines, inclusions and costs. These marketplaces are excellent at providing owners with a simple and secure place to list their RV. Not to mention they have the right audience, thousands of people searching to find their perfect rental. 

Of course you have the choice to rent privately and sites like Gumtree and Facebook are good places to start.

2. Benefits of hiring out my motorhome

  • Earn some extra money – Without a doubt the main benefit is the extra income you can earn. Your motorhome can make you money in between your holidays, instead of sitting around collecting dust.  Today’s sharing platforms make it simple for you to make money. Recouping the costs of purchasing and running your RV, turns owning the motorhome into an investment.
  • No Storage Fees –  Not only can you make money, but think about the costs you can save, such as storage fees. 
  • Meet New People – Whether you are purchasing your first RV or already own one, you most likely appreciate the RV lifestyle. Renting out yours will allow you to meet new people and even introduce this exciting world to others who have never experienced it before.

3. What about insurance?

Before you hire out your RV, make sure you have the right insurance to protect you and your investment. You have options when it comes to hire insurance. Firstly you can organise your own rental insurance. CIL insurance offers an excellent Hire Cover insurance to protect you against loss or damage with the addition of legal liability cover. Or if you use one of the sharing platforms, check out their comprehensive insurance solutions. 

4. Is this really for me?

Obviously, this is not for everyone. Hiring out your mobile home doesn’t work for all,  but if you like the idea of making some extra money when you’re not using it, then why not give it a go.  If there are times of the year when you’re not travelling and you feel comfortable trusting strangers in your motorhome, then this could be for you. If this is new to you, it’s best to use one of the sharing platforms where each renter is checked and has a profile with reviews. At the end of the day you get to choose who rents your investment, so always go with your gut feeling.

5. Ultimate travelling experience

Not all RV’s are built the same and if you are going to rent out yours then it’s important to buy one that is built well and going to last the distance. Avan Ovations deliver the ultimate travelling experience with luxurious living accommodation and more features included standard. You’ll be impressed with the Ovation and they’ll be a dream for anyone who hires one out.

If you are considering buying a mobile home to rent out, make sure you take a look at Avan’s range. Avan Adelaide are the experts in motorhomes Adelaide and here to help. 


The Avan Motorhome delivers the ultimate travelling experience.