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Ensure Your Caravan Is Summer Ready with Avan Adelaide

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As summer approaches, ensuring your caravan is road ready becomes a top priority. With Avan Adelaide, you can make sure your adventures are free from unexpected disruptions and that your caravan is in the best possible shape.  We’re more than caravan sales experts – we’re also committed to ensuring your caravan is safe and ready for the road with our thorough caravan service and safety checks, performed at our workshop, Adelaide Caravan Repairs.

Avan Adelaide’s Service & Safety Inspection Includes:

  • Removal and cleaning of wheels and brakes.
  • Examination and cleaning of bearings and seals.
  • Inspection for wear on brake shoes, magnets, and bearings.
  • Hubs reassembled with new grease, seals, and split pins.
  • Lubrication and checking of suspension parts and coupling.
  • Checking tension torque on coupling bolts
  • Adjusting brake shoes and handbrake.
  • Inspecting tyre conditions and ensuring up to date manufacturing.
  • Checking operations of all lights: tail, brake, and indicators.
  • Verification of breakaway operation and battery.
  • Exterior silicone inspection and reporting.
  • Check drop down legs operation and lubricate 
  • Check Jockey wheel operation and, if needed, lubrication.
  • Clean solar panels, if fitted.

Importance of Regular Caravan Servicing

Regular caravan servicing is essential. It prevents breakdowns, ensures safe travel and saves money by addressing small issues before they become big, expensive problems. Regular check ups also help to maintain the caravan’s value and keep it operating efficiently for longer. 

Regular caravan servicing goes beyond ensuring reliable road performance; it also maintains warranty compliance. Keeping up with your maintenance is an investment in peace of mind and the assurance of seamless, stress free journeys ahead.

Seeking a reliable service for your caravan?

Starting at $385 for single axle and $495 for tandem, plus parts, we offer straightforward and honest pricing. Our service technicians are not only experts; they’re fully qualified with years of hands on experience in the caravan industry. Book with Avan Adelaide today for a well-serviced caravan and worry free travels.

Secure Your Peace of Mind: Book a Caravan Service and Safety Check!

Ensure your caravan is ready for Summer adventures and book with our workshop, Adelaide Caravan Repairs. You can reach out to ACR via phone at 08 8266 5779, send an email to or simply message them through their website using the button below.

Caravan Service Adelaide

Ensure Your Caravan Is Summer Ready with Avan Adelaide