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Why You Should Buy A Family Caravan

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Now more than ever local trips are the best way to holiday with your family. Getaway with your kids and create memories to last a lifetime. Take a look at our 7 reasons why you should buy a family caravan.

1. Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Our busy lives often get in the way of spending quality time with our families. Taking a break from your busy routines to spend time with your loved ones is precious. In our opinion, there’s no better way to do this than on a caravan holiday. Camping together helps improve your family’s communication and strengthen your bond.

2. Freedom To Explore Where You Want, When You Want

Getting away in a van is one of the most versatile ways to holiday! No need to worry about bookings and itineraries, simply hit the road in the direction you choose. You have the freedom to explore where you want, when you want. And trust me when travelling with kids this freedom is refreshing.

3. Cheaper Way To Holiday

Of course you have the initial cost for the purchase of your van, but then its savings from there on. Just think, no more expensive flights or accommodation expenses. Staying in a caravan park is much cheaper and not to mention all the incredible free camp sites now available. Plus you’ll save plenty of money on food expenses, with kitchen facilities right at your fingertips. It really is such a fantastic way to holiday without breaking the bank, which means you can get away more often.

4. Unplug And Spend Time In Nature

This is your chance to get everyone to switch off their electronics and enjoy more of nature. The adults will benefit from a digital detox, just as much as the kids. The opportunities are endless! Spending time away from screens and enjoying nature will do wonders for your health.

5. Perfect Holiday For The Kids

Whether you are staying in a park or a free camp location, campsites are the ideal place to keep the kids entertained. With new people to meet, activities to fill the day and simply being out in nature, your kids will have the perfect holiday. Plus the novelty of sleeping in a van adds excitement to the trip.

6. Comfortable Holiday

Caravans can be your home away from home, making it easy to enjoy your creature comforts. Packing and unpacking on family holidays can be draining, yet with a van there’s minimal effort involved in getting settled. With kids this is even more important, as you can pack all the essentials to keep them happy and comfortable during the trip.

7. Great For Your Health

Quite simply camping trips are great for your health! There is a whole range of health and wellbeing benefits for you to enjoy. With increased exercise, less stress, spending more time outdoors, extra vitamin D and a better night’s sleep, it’s easy to see how your physical and mental health can improve.

The list could go on as there are so many reasons you should buy a family van for your holidays. With over 10 years experience in this industry, Avan Adelaide are the experts in caravans Adelaide. Let our team help you make the right choice and start your family adventures today.  


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