Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.
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Tips to reduce your fuel costs when towing a caravan

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When travelling in your caravan one thing that you can’t avoid is the hefty fuel bill. Fuel is a significant cost when towing a caravan but there are simple ways to improve your fuel economy. Follow these fuel saving tips and enjoy the savings!

Plan Ahead Of Time

Preparation before you head off can help reduce your overall fuel bill. Planning your route beforehand has advantages by reducing wasted travel time and avoiding getting lost. A good GPS can help here too.

Fuel cost fluctuates from town to town, so pre-planning gives you the chance to check the price of fuel at different service stations in advance. Try to fill up in larger towns where fuel is generally cheaper due to competition. While you are in planning mode it’s a good idea to find out the optimal driving speed of your car for best fuel consumption.


Ensure the towing vehicle is in good condition

Properly maintained and serviced cars will run at their optimum and use less fuel. Quite simply if your engine needs a service then it’s not going to burn fuel efficiently. Servicing your car regularly, replacing air filters, spark plugs and so on will keep your car running at its best. Simply cleaning your air filter regularly may improve your fuel economy by 10% and every little bit helps when it comes to reducing your fuel bill. 

Check tyre pressures

Maintaining correct tyre pressure throughout your trip is essential. Find out the recommended tyre pressure for both your vehicle and caravan then maintain these throughout the trip. This not only improves the safety and performance of your vehicles, but will also deliver better fuel economy. Tyres with low pressure or ones that are not aligned will make your car’s engine work harder and burn through more fuel. During your trip check your tyre pressure about once a week.

You can find some great information about correct tyre pressures at Without a Hitch

Drive to save fuel

The way you drive makes a measurable difference to your overall fuel bill. Steady and smooth driving will help boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Hard acceleration just wastes fuel and money! Driving with the air conditioner on uses quite a bit of fuel, so where possible keep it’s use to a minimum.

Choose the right caravan

Choosing a light weight caravan or pop top will reduce your fuel bills substantially. With increasing costs of fuel, choosing a lighter van that is better on fuel is more important than ever. Avan’s unique smooth panel construction delivers vans with superior strength but without the weight. With Avan’s light weight caravans you can enjoy spacious, comfortable living with better fuel economy.

Pack Right & Light

Pack light and avoid overloading your caravan for better fuel economy. Your car’s engine will struggle to pull the weight, which will affect your fuel efficiency. If possible avoid excess baggage on your roof racks and it’s best to remove them if not in use. Roof racks cause considerable wind resistance and will cost your more on fuel. I found some excellent information on packing your caravan here.

Invest in fuel saving accessories

There are many accessories on the market that improve your vehicle’s performance and aerodynamics. Caravan accessories such as weight distribution hitches. sway controllers and wind deflectors are all fuel savers. We suggest you talk to your local caravan dealer to find the best solution for your caravan.

There’s no getting around paying for fuel on a caravan holiday but with careful consideration and preparation you can significantly reduce your fuel bill. 

Our parts department can be contacted on 08 8266 5779 for help with your fuel saving accessories. If you are looking for caravan sales, our team are more than happy to help. Avan Adelaide has a large selection of both new and used caravans available at 494 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens SA.


Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.