Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.
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Our Top Tips To Help You Choose the Right Motorhome

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If you’re like most people, the idea of buying a motorhome has crossed your mind. With the current uncertainty around overseas travel, motorhomes are an excellent option for a safe holiday. Not only that, but one of the best ways to see Australia is through a self-drive holiday and RV’s allow you that freedom.

Buying a motorhome is a big decision and can be overwhelming at times, with many brands, layouts and features to choose from. But, with the right planning and research you can be sure to make the right choice.

With over 15 years in the recreational vehicle industry, our team have helped many buy their dream mobile home. We are happy to share our tips and advice so you can choose the perfect motorhome for you.

Benefits of Buying A Motorhome

Before we get started with our advice, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of buying an RV.

  • Freedom to travel and explore where you want, when you want.
  • Includes all the homely features you need for a comfortable holiday
  • Convenient holiday with quick and easy set up.
  • After the initial investment, you will save money on things like accommodation, travel costs and food.
  • Safe driving with all the same modern safety features you will find in a car.
  • Your mobile home is self-contained, so you can free camp easily.

So before you start shopping for your new motorhome ask yourself some of the following questions.

What is your budget?

Let’s be honest, we would all love an unlimited budget, but that most likely isn’t the case. So it’s important to work out what is affordable and practical for you, then set your budget before you start to look. This will help the dealer direct you to the right models and keep you on track also. Financing is also an option that you may want to consider if needed.

How will you be using your RV?

Taking your time to understand your intentions and expectations of your new RV is important. The key to ensuring you choose the right model for you, is making sure the layout fits your needs. Asking yourself the right questions to work out how you will be using it will help make the right choice.

  • How many people will travel & sleep in the RV?
  • Where will you travel?
  • Will you free camp more or stay in caravan parks?
  • What features would you like and do you really need them?
  • How often will we be travelling in your van and for how long?
  • Do you want to purchase new or used?

There are hundreds of different sizes, layouts and models, so it helps to put together a comprehensive wish list to guide you through the buying process and inevitably choose the right one.

Begin your Research on the different brands and types

You’ve probably realised that there are many RV manufacturers currently in the market, so you are spoilt for choice. Research is an important step in the buying cycle. Take the time to research on the internet and in person all the different brands and types of RV’s in the market. Your travel needs and how you plan on using your mobile home will determine what type of motorhome is the best fit.

Ask as many questions along the way to gather all the information you need to make the right purchase. We suggest you research online reviews about the brands you are interested in to find out if there are any known issues with their products. Take your time and don’t feel rushed when making your choice.

Once you decide on the type and potentially brand you want, you have the option of buying through a dealer or privately. Buying from a reputable dealer has safeguards and can offer you reassurance through warranty and service agreements. And remember to research online reviews to see what people are saying about the dealership.

Should you buy privately make sure you do your due diligence when checking out the used RV. A motorhome is a big investment and we recommend you get a professional inspection when purchasing one privately.

With all this knowledge and information in hand, it’s time to purchase your perfect motorhome.

For any further advice on motorhomes or caravan sales, feel free to make contact with our team on 08 8261 8442.


Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.

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