How Avan Build Lightweight Caravans

Lightweight Avan Caravans

There’s no denying that lightweight caravans have major benefits, no matter what vehicle you use to tow. This means many people are searching for the ultimate lightweight vans in the market. With better fuel economy and ease of towing, you can see how these vans are the popular choice.

If you are looking for a van with a lower tare weight, you might be mistaken to think you need to compromise on space and comfort. This is not the case with Avan Caravans. Their light weight vans are cleverly designed from start to finish to offer maximum comfort and strength, without the weight. Built using the latest technology available in the industry, Avan manufacture RV’s with lower tare and ball weights compared to many other manufacturers.

It all starts with the Avan Advantage

From the start Avan had a simple goal -  to build lightweight vans with all the comfort and convenience needed for caravanning, that are easily towed, all at an affordable price. And that goal hasn’t changed! 

Avan is the second largest manufacturer of RV’s in Australia and have been leaders in Australian made vans for over 28 years. The main difference with Avan is their focus on modern and technically advanced construction methods. Their unique smooth solid wall construction provides superior strength and thermal protection, without the weight and delivers you a lighter van to tow. In fact, comparable vans from other manufacturers using old build methods can weigh up to 400kg more.

Next comes the lightweight but incredibly strong centurion chassis that is unique to Avan. Avan caravans and campers are built on this durable Centurion chassis, providing superior support for your RV. Intelligent design reduces the weight of the chassis, whilst maintaining maximum strength and corrosion resistance. This centurion chassis is made for Avans, so you can feel confident you are getting a consistently high quality build from the ground up.

To build lighter caravans and motorhomes it’s not just about the construction, it begins with well thought out planning and design. Avan pride themselves on designing RV’s with smart layouts and features to maximise space and comfort but without the weight. Even more importantly, consideration is put into every aspect of the van’s layout, including furniture placement to ensure equal weight distribution throughout the van.  Furnishing vans with specialised light weight furniture made from composite materials is once again another way to reduce the weight where possible.

Visit Avan Adelaide To See The Difference

Believe it or not, buying a lightweight van doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. There’s no need to compromise on space, comfort or any much wanted features. Plus you can feel confident that your Avan is built incredibly tough and ready for adventure.

Avan Adelaide, a leading dealer of caravans in Adelaide, has been partnered with Avan for 15 years and are proud to be the only authorised dealer in SA. Let our team walk you through an Avan for you to see first hand why they are the best choice.