Electric Caravan Movers

When you own a caravan one of the problems you face is moving and pushing your heavy van around when unhitched.  As you know, it's not always suitable to move your caravan into place with your tow vehicle and moving it yourself is hard work. 

Electric caravan movers are the ideal solution, as they make manoeuvring and pushing your caravan a breeze. With this Performance Built motorised jockey wheel you can move your caravan, camper or trailer at the push of a button.

Motorised Jockey Wheel Features and Specifications:

  • Forward and reverse features
  • Button controlled handle for easy manoeuvring
  • Automatic brake function
  • Powder coat finish, resistant to rust
  • Heavy duty 8” solid rubber wheel
  • 12V DC 350W Battery or jump start
  • Maximum speed: 6-7 meters per minute
  • Maximum Incline – 5 degrees
  • Maximum Trailer load – 5000lbs/ 2270kgs
  • Maximum jack load – 600lb/272kg

Take a look at how simple it is to use this electric caravan mover

Buy yours today from Avan Adelaide!

Why not take the hard work out of moving your caravan, camper or trailer and buy one of these motorised jockey wheels today.  

Feel free to head into our parts store at 494 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens for a full demonstration on this product. We are sure once you see it first hand, you’ll see that moving your van can be made so much easier.  For any further questions on electric caravan movers, call Andrew on 08 8261 8442.