Do you have tickets to the Muscular Dystrophy Dream Lottery?

Muscular Dystrophy SA provides support and services for people living with neuromuscular conditions along with their families.  Muscular Dystrophy is the name given to a group of neuromuscular conditions, which are found in the nerves, muscles or at the nerve muscle joint and all cause the muscles to waste away and become weaker. There is no cure and muscular dystrophy SA supports research into finding a cure.

My Dream Lottery

With a $2.4 million prize pool and only 60,000 tickets this dream lottery is a win-win kind of thing! The grand prize is a fully furnished $1.6 million home at Somerton; your dream home. Tickets are $100, so why not take a look at the impressive prize pool thats up for grabs and purchase a ticket or two while you're there > My Dream Lottery