Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.
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How To Keep Your Caravan Safe – A guide to Caravan Security

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The last thing you want on your holiday is to have your much loved van or belongings stolen. With over 500 RV’s being stolen in Australia each year, it’s important to keep your investment secure and take sensible steps to keep your caravan safe. Following our caravan security tips will help prevent thieves targeting your RV and belongings.

Be Security conscious

When on holiday it’s all too easy to forget about security, which can put you at risk of theft.  It’s important to be just as security conscious when on holiday as you are at home. Take the time to secure your rig and possessions. Whether you are free camping or in a caravan park you need to make it as difficult as possible for a thief to steal your van. The harder you make it for them to steal, the less likely they will try.

Start with the basics, check your window and door locks are in working order and always locked whenever you leave. Keep your valuables out of sight and your blinds closed when away from your van. And when leaving your site remember to always pack away anything of value. For money or jewellery we would recommend the fitting of a small safe.

Store Your Caravan Securely

When you’re not using your rig, security still needs to be top of mind. Leaving your van in your driveway without protection is an opening for it to be stolen. The best place to store your van is in a garage or behind a fence that can be locked.  That’s not always possible and investing in additional security products can help deter thieves.

Another option is to choose a local RV storage facility, where you pay a monthly fee to keep your caravan safe and secure. ACR offer caravan storage in their secure yard for a small monthly fee.

Invest in Caravan Security Products

There are excellent security products available to help prevent and deter thieves. Investing in one or two of these products is wise.

  • Coupling Locks

Coupling locks are a visible product that works well to deter a thief from stealing your property. They are a cheap solution, easy to use and should be your first step in preventing theft. This simple and convenient product prevents others from hooking up your RV and driving away. It works by locking over the coupling to prevent the coupling latch being lifted and keeps the hitch and receiver locked together. This method is not 100% secure as the locks can be removed. However that takes time and most often proves to be a great deterrent.

  • Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are a brilliant anti-theft device! They work simply by making your van immobile as they prevent the wheels from turning. Wheel clamps are an instant visual deterrent to thieves, adding that extra layer of security to your rig. Just like coupling locks, they can also be removed so they are not 100% secure. But once again that takes time, making them an excellent deterrent

  • Security Screen door

RV security starts at the door! To protect your valuables it’s important to invest in a security door that has been designed with safety in mind. Security doors gives you that additional protection while holidaying by increasing security at the entry point.

Anti-Theft System with GPS Tracker

The ideal level of security comes from an anti-theft system with GPS tracking. An excellent way to protect your rig and help locate and recover it if it does get stolen. Our recommendation is the WITI anti-theft system. With its GPS tracking functionality and mobile alerts in the event of theft, it’s one of the best on the market.

Plus this revolutionary anti-theft system is designed specifically for caravans and is fitted with electric brakes. If the caravan is hitched or moved slightly while WITI is active, the brakes will be applied, lights will flash and the alarm sounded. WITI is more than a deterrent. It is the only anti-theft system that totally immobilises your van, making it impossible to tow. For more information or installation of this product our parts team can help you out.

Your van is your home away from home, filled with your much loved possessions and memories, so it’s well worth investing in these security measures. Purchasing comprehensive RV insurance to cover your large investment and contents is highly recommended.


Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.