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The future of caravan travel is lightweight, efficient and now at Avan Adelaide!

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For over 28 years, Avan has set the standard in the industry with its emphasis on lightweight and super strong caravans. Being proudly Australian made, Avan sets itself apart with its superior composite wall construction. Avan has established itself as a key player in the caravan industry over the past 28 years, focusing on the perfect blend of lightweight and robust designs. 

Using cutting edge technology, Avan streamlines production and adopts a cost saving manufacturing model, setting them ahead of other brands. This efficiency ensures they maintain their high quality standards, while also positioning their RVs at attractive prices. As a result, customers can experience premium RV travel, affordably.

With a wealth of experience in the RV industry, Avan demonstrates a keen understanding of what works and how to proficiently produce it. It’s not merely about building caravans; it’s about constructing reliable, lightweight and long lasting travel solutions.

1. Leading with Composite Wall Construction

Avan sets the benchmark in developing lightweight, super strong caravans through its innovative composite wall construction, providing a perfect blend of minimal weight and maximum strength across all models.

2. Better Fuel Efficiency

Given the rising fuel prices, a caravan’s weight can heavily impact the travel budget. Avan’s design significantly reduces fuel consumption, ensuring more economical trips.

3. Towable by More Vehicles

The lightweight design means more vehicles can tow an Avan Caravan or camper,  even selected hybrid and electric vehicles. As the automotive industry evolves, Avan will continue to meet modern travel requirements.

4. Benefits Beyond Weight

  • Easier handling and increased stability on roads.
  • Expanded travel options, thanks to fewer weight restrictions.
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to less fuel consumption.

5. Over Two and a Half Decades of Building Lightweight, Super Strong RV’s

Avan didn’t just jump on the bandwagon—they created it. After 28 years, they continue to design and produce lightweight Australian Made vans, while ensuring superior strength.

Being the exclusive authorised dealer of Avan & Golf RV’s in South Australia, Avan Adelaide proudly brings the best of Australian Made caravan innovations to our customers. Explore the future of caravanning at our showroom at 494 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens.

Need more help understanding your tow limits? Reach out to the team on 8261 8442 and we’ll gladly help you get this critical information.

Avan Aspire


The Aspire range of caravans are designed and constructed to bring maximum value to the adventurer and holiday maker.