FEATURED CARAVAN OF THE MONTH: Discover the Avan Aspire 555

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Upgrade your travel experience this March with the Avan Aspire 555, a testament to durability, lightweight design, and Australian manufacturing, all for the special price of $49,990. Dive into the perfect blend of high quality and affordability, with no compromises. Act quickly, as this deal is only available during March. *Base model price only*

The Avan Aspire 555: Setting New Standards in Affordable Luxury Caravanning

Experience the pinnacle of caravan luxury with the Avan Aspire 555, a standout model in the competitive caravan market that redefines what affordable luxury on the road can look like. This masterpiece of design combines a spacious rear ensuite, an unbeatable array of standard features, and affordability in one elegant package, all priced under $80,000. Known for its large rear ensuite and exceptional price point, the Aspire 555 challenges the notion that high quality and full ensuite amenities must come with a hefty price tag.

Currently one of the market’s lightest ensuite caravans, the Aspire 555 not only stands out for its innovative design and ease of towing but also as one of the best value full ensuite caravans available. It combines cost-effectiveness with uncompromised quality, offering a wealth of features that set it apart. The Aspire 555 truly embodies Avan’s commitment to providing superior value, blending luxury, functionality, and affordability seamlessly for an unparalleled travel experience.

Lightweight Design Without Compromise

The Aspire 555 showcases Avan’s commitment to cutting-edge construction with its super strength smooth panel construction, enhancing both the caravan’s aesthetic and functional appeal. This leading construction offers superior insulation, keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter, while ensuring the caravan is resistant to dents and impacts. The smooth, sleek panels not only elevate the visual appeal but also contribute to the Aspire 555’s structural integrity, making it a low-maintenance, durable, and secure choice for travellers. The Aspire 555, one of the market’s lightest ensuite caravans, showcases Avan’s dedication to innovative and quality design. With over thirty years of refinement and the latest technology, it strikes an ideal balance between durability and lightweight construction. This ensures easy towing and better fuel efficiency, reflecting Avan’s commitment to excellence.

Australian Made for Australian Adventures

Proudly Australian-made, Avan caravans are built to withstand the diverse Australian landscapes, from coastal getaways to rugged outback adventures. The Aspire 555’s popularity is a testament to Avan’s ongoing revolution in the caravan industry, marked by sophisticated design and superior construction methods.

In summary, the Avan Aspire 555 is a compelling option for anyone in the market for a new caravan, blending affordability with luxury and practicality. Its strong, lightweight design, coupled with a suite of standard features and Australian-made quality, positions the Aspire 555 as a leader in its class. As Avan continues to push the boundaries of caravan design, the Aspire 555 remains a shining example of the brand’s innovation and commitment to excellence.

Suspension Upgrade Options for the Aspire 555

The Aspire 555 comes equipped with Avan’s Standard Beam axle suspension, renowned for its lightweight design and reliability through years of use. For those seeking enhanced performance, we offer two upgrade options: the AL-Ko IRS, which features independent rubber suspension for smoother travel and increased stability, and the AL-KO independent trailing arm suspension, designed for independent travel with higher clearance and improved off-road capabilities. With the Aspire 555, find the perfect suspension solution to meet your travel needs, whether cruising highways or exploring remote campsites.

Layout Options for the Aspire 555 Ensuite Caravan

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The Aspire range of caravans are designed and constructed to bring maximum value to the adventurer and holiday maker.