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Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.
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Do I Need a Weight Distribution Hitch When Towing My Caravan?

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One of the most common questions we get asked is do I need a weight distribution hitch when towing my caravan?

To safely tow your van we recommend using one, especially when travelling long distances. Put simply, a weight distribution hitch (or load leveller) evenly distributes the load over the van and towing vehicle, maximising safety, stability and control.


When you tow your caravan or camper, extra weight is added to the rear of the tow vehicle. This causes an imbalance of weight from the front to the rear and changes the way your vehicle handles. This weight imbalance can cause serious safety concerns, especially when travelling at high speeds.

With less weight over the front axle, your car’s braking efficiency and steering control is reduced and your car can lose control. This weight imbalance can also cause your headlamps to be thrown out of alignment and you may find fuel use and tyre wear increases. Weight Distribution Hitches have been designed to address these problems as they restore an even balance across all axles of the vehicle and caravan


WDH’S work by changing the point at which the load of the trailer is transferred to the vehicle. Normally, the entire towball weight of the van is transferred and carried at the tow ball. When fitted, these hitches correct this by creating a lever that spreads the weight evenly across all axles of the vehicle and van.  It’s important to note that when using WDH’s the ball weight remains the same.

Spreading the weight allows your vehicle and caravan to be level, reducing sway and ensuring you have complete control when towing.


There are many weight distribution kits available on the market, but we tend to recommend Hayman Reese. Like most, they have been designed to ensure your towing vehicle operates at its best when it comes to braking, steering and general driving – keeping you safer on the roads.

Choosing the right system for you is easy with Hayman Reese’s three simple steps.

  1. Find out the ball weight of your caravan.
  2. Locate the position of the coupling on the A-frame – it’s either the top, middle or bottom.
  3. Measure you’re A-frame depth. Shallow = 4 inch, mid sized = 5 inch or large = 6 inch.
  4. Take the Hayman Reese Quiz to determine the right kit for you.

Our parts team are authorised distributors for Hayman Reese and are happy to help you determine what weight distribution hitch is best for you. For any information on towing your caravan safely you can contact them on 08 8266 5779.


Golf Savannah Maxxi are foldout style caravans that boast smart and spacious layout.