You'll see more of Australia with an Adventure Pack upgrade!

With increased strength and road clearance, your Avan will take you far and wide, meaning more sights, more adventure. Travel with confidence as you get off the beaten track, along the unsealed road and see more of the true beauty that this country offers, all while enjoying all the typical luxuries of an Avan Caravan.

The ADVENTURE PACK adds toughness to your caravan.  But remember, certain off-road conditions will not be suitable for caravan towing.  If unsure, leave the caravan back at base and take the 4WD alone.

The Avan ADVENTURE PACK is available across the whole range of Caravans, Poptops, and Hardtops. The adventure pack upgrade will add approxiametly 170kg to the Tare Mass.

Adventure Pack Standard Features

  • Higher ground clearance
  • Bigger chassis 
  • 15” wheels & tyres
  • Modified suspension
  • Extra step
  • Bigger jockey wheel
  • Drop-down stabilisers

* Due to ongoing design and development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.