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Beware of the Latest Scam Targeting Dealerships

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All consumers need to be aware of a scam affecting the automotive industry. The ACCC has provided guidance to help businesses and our consumers to stay protected from scams.

How this SCAM works?

  • Email Compromise: The scam starts with a phishing attack compromising the dealership’s email account, allowing scammers to access and send emails from it.
  • Fraudulent Payment Requests: Scammers email customers from this account, asking for payments or additional deposits with their own bank details.
  • Deceptive Emails: Some scammers may use a similar-looking email address to contact customers.
  • Customer Payment Misdirection: Customers, believing they’re dealing with the business, transfer money to the scammer’s account.
  • Duplicate Invoicing: The scammer may send additional fake invoices, often undetected due to their access to business emails.

Signs that you may have been hacked:

  • Missing emails or ones marked as read unexpectedly.
  • Strange activity in your sent folder.
  • Password access issues.
  • Unexpected password reset notifications.
  • Alerts about unusual sign-ins.

Protecting Yourself from Scams

Please be aware that Avan Adelaide will never request payments through a link. For your security, it’s always best to confirm our BSB and account number either over the phone or in person.

  • Secure Email Systems: Follow the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s advice for email security.
  • Monitor for Filter Rules: Check for unexpected email filters, especially in Outlook.
  • Strong, Unique Passwords: Regularly update passwords and ensure they are unique.
  • Verify Bank Detail Changes: Confirm any changes via phone or in-person.

Ongoing Efforts by ACCC:

The National Anti-Scam Centre is actively working to disrupt these scams, including collaboration with law enforcement and financial institutions.

Stay vigilant and help keep your self protected from these sophisticated scams.

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