Tips to help reduce fuel costs when caravanning

When you holiday in either a caravan, camper or motorhome, fuel can be a significant cost. If you plan on heading away have a quick read of these simple tips and ideas that can help reduce your fuel bill!

Plan ahead of time

A little preparation before you head off in your caravan can help reduce your overall fuel costs.  Plan your route beforehand so you don't waste time going the long way and can avoid getting lost.  Plus check the price of fuel at different service stations in advance. It’s also a good idea to find out the optimal driving speed of your car for best fuel consumption.

Ensure your car is in good condition

A properly maintained and serviced car will run efficiently and use less fuel. So before you head on your holiday book your car in for a service. Tyres with low pressure or ones that are not aligned will make your car’s engine work harder and burn through more fuel. During your trip check your tyre pressure about once a week.

Drive to save fuel

The way you drive can make a measurable difference to your fuel bill.  Driving steady and smooth will help boost your vehicles fuel efficiency. Hard acceleration just wastes fuel and money! Also driving with the air-conditioner on burns fuel, so keep its use to a minimum if possible.

Pack light

Travel as light as you can and avoid overloading your caravan.  Your cars engine will struggle to pull the weight, which will affect your fuel efficiency. Also avoid excess baggage on your roof racks and if you are not using them it’s best to remove them.  Roof racks cause considerable wind resistance and will cost you more on fuel.  

Invest in fuel saving accessories

There are many accessories on the market that improve your vehicles performance and aerodynamics.  Caravan accessories such as weight distribution hitches, sway controllers and wind deflectors are all fuel savers.  We suggest you talk to your local caravan dealer to find the best solution for your caravan.

With a few simple changes you will improve your fuel efficiency and most importantly save yourself some money.