EOFY Used Caravan & Camper Clearance

Currently we have a large selection of used caravans & campers so we have decided to clear out some of these models before the end of the financial year.  This is a great opportunity for you to SAVE thousands on a good quality used caravan or camper.  Buying used caravans can have many benefits, but it's important that you buy a used caravan that is in good shape so you don't get ripped off.  At Avan Adelaide we give all of our used RV's a thorough pre-delivery check before they leave our dealership to make sure they are in good working condition.

Used Caravans & Campers On Sale

2011 - Jayco Sterling Ensuite Caravan SAVE $2,000, Now Only $36,990 

2008 - Avan Cruiseliner 3C Camper SAVE $1,000, Now Only $20,990

2012 - Windsor Genesis Poptop Caravan SAVE $2,000, Now Only $23,990

2012 - Jayco Penguin Wind Up Camper SAVE $2,000, Now Only $17,990

2005 - Concept Ascot Ensuite Caravan SAVE $2,000, Now Only $31,990

2009 - Sar Major Offroad Camper Trailer SAVE $2,000, Now Only $6,990

Adelaide Caravan & Camper Dealership

You can find these used caravan and campers on display at Avan Adelaide, 494 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens.  If you would like any further information on any of these RV's you can call Craig on 08 8261 8442 and he'll be happy to assist you.