Caravan Weight Distribution Systems On Sale

When towing your caravan or camper your safety is paramount.  One product that can help you tow your caravan safely is the Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch.  We have put together some information from Hayman Reese explaining why you should use a weight distribution hitch when towing your caravan.


Importance of a caravan weight distribution hitch.

When your caravan or camper is connected to your car extra weight is added to the rear of your vehicle. The extra weight can change the way your vehicle handles as there is an imbalance of weight from the front to the rear.  This weight imbalance can cause serious safety concerns, especially when travelling at high speeds. When there is less weight over the front axle the braking efficiency and steering control is reduced.  Also as you have added weight at the rear, your vehicle can lose control.  This weight imbalance can also cause the head lamps to be thrown out of alignment and you may find fuel use and tyre wear increases dramatically.

Weight Distribution Hitches have been designed to address these problems as they restore even balance across all axles of the vehicle and caravan. 

How do weight distribution hitches works?

They work by changing the point at which the load of the trailer is transferred to the vehicle. Normally the entire towball weight of the caravan trailer is transferred and carried at the tow ball. Weight Distribution Hitches correct this by redistributing the weight across all axles of the vehicle and caravan, as shown in the diagram.

Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitches have been designed to ensure towing vehicles operate at their optimum braking, steering and general driving capacity.  Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitches help you stay safer on the roads.

There are many sizes and weight specifications available to suit your needs. For information on the type of weight distribution hitch you will need, call us on 08 8261 8442.

If you would like further information on towing your caravan safely and products that can help, visit Hayman Reese's website:

We are an authorised distributor for Hayman Reese and this month we have reduced the price of the 600lb classic series weight distribution systems.