Be Prepared




Planning your next caravanning trip is an exciting and busy time, but be sure to get your car and
caravan checked before you head off.

Getting your car and caravan checked before you head off on a long road trip is not only a good idea for your safety, but can avoid wasting time and potentially alot of money if something goes wrong in the middle of no where.

If you are going on a long caravan trip its important to get your car checked and serviced from a professional mechanic before you go.  At this time we also suggest checking your tyres as well as your spare tyre.  Throughout your trip also remember to regularly check your oil, water and tyre pressure.

It's just as important to make sure you book your caravan in with an approved caravan servicer before you leave so they can check the caravan's brakes, suspension, bearings, tyres, lights, electrical and gas systems.  If you have an older van get them to check your chassis as well to look for any signs of cracking.

For that extra protection while you are away it is also a good time to review your roadside assistance options.

Once your car and caravan are in tip top shape you can head off on your dream holiday with peace of mind.

Call us to book your caravan for a service or if you would like further advice or suggestions on parts and equipment you should take on your trip.

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